A cryptocurrency is a currency that is located online or in another electronic form. Most cryptocurrencies cannot be expressed in a physical form, even though several people have tried to make it into a form of some kind. Bitcoin, as an example of the biggest cryptocurrency, gives you the opportunity to print out the codes for the coins you own. The user of the codes can transfer the coins to themselves. In this way, it can be said, that the coins are expressed in some physical form.

The best part of many cryptocurrencies, not all however, is the lack of central control. In today’s monetary infrastructure, central banks control the use and the cost of money through quote easements and interest rates. If a central bank wants to limit people from lending money, and thus also reducing for example the purchase of homes, they can raise the interest rate and your mortgage costs go up. You will not see this kind of behavior with Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies because they are not controlled by one single entity. They are instead controlled by the masses. Many people come together and help keeping the Bitcoin infrastructure up and running. What you need is what you get.  


We mentioned to benefits earlier. Other benefits of cryptocurrencies are many. One thing that can be drawn into attention is the ability to use the currency for more than just transferring value. Ethereum is a safe way to create digital contracts and to make sure that these contracts are updated and kept up-to-date without any corrupt interference. In this way, you can use the currency for payments, but maybe more important it is a way to keep roosters and other registries free from any possible tampering. This is a value in itself. 

Another great thing with cryptocurrencies is that they can be bought and sold. You can own it and you can sell it. It is not a given that something is made for buying and selling, even though some people say that you can buy and sell everything. This is not quite true. 

Trading strategies

Talking about buying and selling cryptocurrencies earlier, it is important to devote more attention to that. If you want to make money on this currency you also need to be smart about how you do that. You can of course buy Bitcoin and sit on them for 5 years and thereafter see what happened. On the other hand, you can also trade more actively but instead set automatic commands in the trading program so you can sell or buy more without having to sit and watch. If you buy Bitcoin for 9000 USD, but do not want to sit on it if it goes below 8500 USD, you can set a stop loss. Likewise, if there is an increase in the cryptocurrency prices, you want to sell, you can set the same command and your coins will automatically sell at that price. This gives you peace of mind when the currency is volatile.